Military Divorce Guide

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Welcome to the Military Divorce Guide, from the Colorado Springs military divorce lawyers at Graham.Law, with articles on dividing military retirement in a divorce, the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), VA disability payments, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, former spouse benefits, understanding military pay, and much more.

U.S. and Colorado Military Divorce Laws

The Guide is aimed at lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Whether you're a soldier at Fort Carson, an airman at Peterson AFB or the Air Force Academy, stationed overseas, or are a family member or retiree, the Military Divorce Guide is written for you, with articles in plain English - no Latin or obscure jargon.

For attorneys who want to dig deeper, the Military Divorce Guide includes detailed discussions, statute and case citations, and links when the laws are freely available on the web (the links are a work in progress). Most of the articles have nationwide applicability, but where specific state issues are discussed, we refer to Colorado military divorce law.

Military Family Law Explained

Divorce, paternity, or other family law cases involving military personnel present unique challenges which often require the assistance of a “military divorce lawyer” - an attorney with specialized knowledge of military family law. The term “military divorce” is not a legal one - it’s shorthand for a proceeding where one of the litigants is current or retired military.

To assist military clients, the lawyer should have at least a basic understanding of military concepts - jurisdiction over servicemembers, the unique rules which govern the division of military retirements, impact of deployments on parenting, whether combat related special compensation is divisible, ID cards and access to military benefits, etc. This Guide can help.

Some state-specific areas of family law practice rarely involved in the average family law case may be of utmost importance to a military divorce case - interstate jurisdictional issues, full faith and credit, relocation of children, etc. These state law issues are beyond the scope of this guide, but if you live in Colorado, they are addressed in our companion Colorado Divorce & Family Law Guide.

New Developments in Military Divorce Law

Keep Current! The Military Divorce Guide is periodically updated, and major updates and newly-added articles are highlighted in Military Updates, a blog for the latest military divorce and family law developments. We follow nationwide and Colorado legal developments to bring you up-to-date information.

If you have an idea for a military divorce article, feel free to contact us using the form on this page.

Colorado Springs Military Divorce Attorney

Make sure your attorney knows military divorce issues. Some self-proclaimed military divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs know surprisingly little about the military. But being a good family law attorney does not mean that one has the specialized knowledge necessary to be a good military divorce lawyer. Test your prospective military divorce attorneys’ knowledge by asking a few basic questions during your initial consultation. See this article on how to hire a military divorce attorney for more information.

If you need a military divorce attorney in El Paso County, we would be honored if you consider Graham.Law. We know the military - about a third of our cases involve the military, and our veteran team of Colorado Springs military divorce attorneys is managed by Carl O. Graham, a former Army JAG attorney who authored the Military Divorce Guide, writes articles and teaches Colorado military divorce law to lawyers and judges throughout the state. Our lawyers have the training and experience to handle your case, and you can’t find a better or more experienced military divorce law firm in Colorado Springs.

We also offer a 10% military discount to all service members, military spouses, and retirees.